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Our all new LED Screen is capable of anything and can be used indoors and outdoors and is mobile to fit in anywhere.


Small Screen Specs - 2m Wide X  1.7m High 

Large Screen Specs -  12 Square meter screens


LED Screen usage: Use our Screen at your Next event!


· Internal or External Launches / Music Video Background Décor / Sports Events Timing System / Live Video and Logo Display / Picture Gallery—Themed Functions / Sporting Events / Live Shows / Fashion Shows / Exhibitions

· All our screens are weather proof and can be placed indoors and out doors.

· Video technicians along with Audio Sound Specialists - assist in creating the vibe you wish to interact with the audience at your event

· Sponsorship packages available for more affordable rates for hiring these LED screens

· The Small LED Screen can serve as a general display board / timing system and logo display at events, where as the Large LED Screen has the additional functionality of live video for sporting events and stage performances




· LED Timing Displays for sporting events

· Lead Car and Static Timing clocks at Start and Finish of race - (Available to Hire or Buy)

· Athletic timing Systems (A-frame or T mounted Stands)

· Equestrian Timing Systems (Start / Split Beams / Finish / Large Display)

· Water Polo Shot Clocks